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Created on 2012-09-15 17:13:20 (#1722804), never updated

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Name:someone in a tree [ICONS AND OTHER GRAPHICS]
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Community description:graphics
It's a pretentious graphics community!

Mostly for icons.

I'll take requests at some point if anyone wants.

More to come.

Interests (44):

100x100, anime, complexity, cropping, fandom, fanservice, fate/stay night, filters, fluctuating fandoms, glow, graphics, gundam, hating photoshop, icons, jrpgs, lots of characters, lots of pairings, manga, music, not coloring manga, not oversaturating (much), obsession, oh god my eyes, pairings, photoshop, pixels, plurk, polygonal lasso tool, pretension, pretty things, puella magi madoka magica, roleplay, shiny things, simplicity, soft light + desaturate, sparkles, staring at photoshop, stock icons, tarot, textures, threesomes, type-moon, video games, words
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